2015 Chromecast Review

Chromecast Review

Amongst the current generation of streaming devices, Chromecast is unique in it’s approach in that it requires a device with significant computing power and it is unique with its price, costing only $35. That price is the lowest of any streaming device from any major manufacture. How much can you expect from such an affordable device? The new design of the Chromecast is simple and compact. According to Google, the circular design incorporates a stronger antenna enabling better wifi performance. On the device it has an HDMI plug and a micro usb connect for power. It connects using Wifi up to 802.11 ac. The big selling point of the Chromecast is that you can use of the computing power in your phone, laptop, tablet or computer to watch video and play games through this small device. Whichever device you use, hands the stream over to the chromecast so that you can see it on your television. All of the major streaming services have the Chromecast feature in their apps.

Chromecast on iOS

Even the apps on iOS have this option. The chrome cast will not win any awards for its gaming performance. Most of the games I came across remind of games from old school arcades. Chromecast features screen mirroring from the Chrome browser on your laptop or phone. Google says that the Chromecast maxes out at 1080p. When I tested the performance of the Chromecast I did not see anything above 720p. Now this may be limited to my test but I found the image quality to significantly be lacking. 720p looks especially bad on this 4k television. Unlike the 2015 Amazon Fire TV and the Roku 4, the 2015 chrome cast does not offer 4k video. So, if you have a 4k television the Chromecast is not a good option for you. For $35, the chrome cast is versatile and allows for you to connect every mobile screen you have to your television. I find myself being willing to overlook the weaknesses of the Chromecast, because it is so affordable. And I love that it is platform ambiguous. Whether you use Android or iOS devices you will be able to take full advantage of this device.