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Apple TV Review 2015

Apple TV Review This is the Apple TV Review 2015 from It has been rumored for years that Apple was developing a product that would revolutionize how we experience television. And what I expected most was for this product to free me from cable companies. Does the new Apple …November 8, 20150
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Jurassic World Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set Unboxing

Jurassic World Limited Edition Blu-ray Unboxing This is the Ways To unboxing of the Jurassic World Limited Edition 3D Blu-ray Gift set. This is an enjoyable movie, it brought me back to when I saw the first movie as a kid. I knew would be a big movie, but …October 24, 20150
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Amazon Fire Tablet Review 2015 – Amazon’s Gateway Drug!!

Amazon Fire Tablet Review With almost any Amazon product you’ll need to have a Prime membership to get the most out of it. The new Fire Tablet is powered by 1.3 GHZ quad-core processor. The Amazon Fire has a headphone jack, volume control, micro USB port for charging, and the …October 18, 20150

2015 Chromecast Review

Chromecast Review Amongst the current generation of streaming devices, Chromecast is unique in it’s approach in that it requires a device with significant computing power and it is unique with its price, costing only $35. That price is the lowest of any streaming device from any major manufacture. How much …October 15, 20150

Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu-ray Unboxing

Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu-ray UnboxingOctober 15, 20150
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Amazon Fire TV (2015) Review

Amazon Fire TV 2015 Review This is the review of the 2015 Amazon Fire TV. Does it live up to the hype? How does it rank amongst the new streaming devices from Google and Apple? Amazon Fire TV Design It features the same design from the previous model. There …October 11, 20150

Roku 4 Review

Roku 4 Review Roku is a private company that only makes streaming devices. How does that affect the product they produce? Apple, Google and Amazon all have streaming devices that are secondary products in larger ecosystems. Roku has 25% of the streaming market. It is rare when a small company …November 16, 20150

The Equalizer Blu-ray Unboxing

The Equalizer Blu-ray This set includes Blu-ray disc and a digital copy. The digital copy can be redeemed through UltraViolet. The Blu-ray disc has the movie in 1080p video with DTS-HD surround sound. It currently cost $24.45 The Equalizer Blu-ray Special Features Vengeance mode Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by …January 12, 20150
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