Blu-ray Disc Are Here To Stay (for awhile)

Blu-rays are here for the foreseeable future and here is why: No digital option offers nearly as much content in terms of extras.  Recently, we did a review of the best ways to watch Prometheus at home and  the stand out factor was the vast amount of content and additional features that came with the 4-disc set.  The Prometheus 4-disc set comes with over 7 hours of additional footage (7 hours is not an exaggeration). iTunes consistently offers the most extra content of all digital download options, but no one competes with what is offered on Blu-ray.

I am not sure why this is the case. At first, I thought that the content on Blu-ray disc is just too much information to download; the content would take too much time to download via our current Internet speeds in the States. According to Akamai, more recent State of the Internet report, the U.S. average Internet connect speed is 5.8 Mbps. At that speed it would take about six and a half minutes to download the average two hour movie. Not bad, right? Now, if your were to download all of the content available in the Prometheus box set it would take an estimated thirty-five minutes. That is about the time it would take for a trip to the store and back minus the gas.

Even if you could, would you want to download that much content? Twenty of the average 2 disc sets would fill a terabyte hard drive. How about that, purchasing a new external hard drive yearly to download new movies. Looking further down the line, the Blu-ray spec is positioned to take advantage of the next movement of home theater technology, Ultra HD. Ultra HD is four times the resolution of current HDTV’s. The Blu-ray spec currently includes 25 and 50 GB disc with plans for 100 GB disc.

I enjoy the experience of opening a disc set. For that matter, I like real books.  Maybe I am old school, but I like tangible items so much I am willing to pay extra for them.

As long as Blu-ray disc-sets offer a superior amount of content and flexibility they will always be around. Nothing is fixed in stone, as every year Internet speeds and hard drive sizes increase. The content of digital downloads will eventually resemble what is on blu-ray, but not in the foreseeable future.