Chromecast 1 vs 2

Chromecast 1 vs 2

youtube_chr1vs2This is the Chromecast 1 vs 2 review. The original Chromecast was a new approach to streaming movies and tv shows. It was small and easy to install. And it quickly gained nearly 20% of the streaming market. Google announced the new Chromecast in September. A new year, a new model, and hopefully significant improvements.

Chromecast, What’s The Same

The new Chromecast 2 largely works the same way as the original Chromecast. They both connect with HDMI, wi-fi and USB for power. Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now have the option to stream through Chromecast. Any laptop with the Chrome web browser can mirror its screen on your television. Both play simple games. And the price has not changed. The new Chromecast is $35 as well.

New Chromecast, What’s Different?

So, what is different? The design is different. The HDMI connector magnetically attaches to the main circular body. The new Chromecast comes in 3 different colors; red, yellow and black. Why different colors? Once I plug this device into the back of my television I will rarely look at it, if ever. So, is Google just trying to put an old device in a new package?

The only significant difference is the speed of the wireless connection. The new Chromecast has 802.11 ac wifi. Let’s see if it is noticeably faster?

Wow, this is noticeably faster.

So, who should buy the new Chromecast 2? This is not a device you should get to replace your original Chromecast. If you have a 4k TV, you can skip the new Chromecast as a streaming device, because it doesn’t support 4k. If you have an additional tv to which you would like to add a second or third chromecast, the new chromecast with its affordable price of $35, is a great choice for anyone with an HD tv or a current chromecast owner who needs a new one for a second or third tv.

Only people who need a second Chromecast for a second television should buy the new Chromecast. The technical specs aren’t significantly better and it doesn’t support 4k, so there isn’t much there to justify an upgrade. At a price of $35, this is an affordable way to stream to your HDTV.

Thanks for watching my quick comparison of the original Chromecast to the new Chromecast. Or as some would say it 1st gen vs 2nd gen.