Fry’s is the Bay Area leader

Fry’s San Jose, CA

Recently, I went to purchase some home entertainment items: a 3D Blu-ray player and some HDMI cables. Not wanting to wait for the items to be mailed, I decided to visit the local Fry’s Electronics. I picked up the gear and as I drove home I decided to stop at Walmart. Walmart is known for its low prices on nearly everything. I wanted to know if that applied with electronics. Walmart is not a regular shopping destination for my family, so it had been a while since I last visited. These stores are massive and I was quickly reminded that their goal is to push volume. I went to the back where the electronics are located and started the price comparison. At Fry’s I found a 6FT HDMI cable for $4. The lowest price at Walmart for a similar item was $12. The Blu-ray player was the same price. As I continued to walk around the electionics section I saw an eMachine computer, a brand I thought was long lost. Walmart is great for low prices, except for electronics. If you are in the Bay Area stick with Fry’s for your home electronics.