Fry’s is the Bay Area leader

Fry’s San Jose, CA

Recently, I went to purchase some home entertainment items: a 3D Blu-ray player and some HDMI cables. Not wanting to wait for the items to be mailed, I decided to visit the local Fry’s Electronics. I picked up the gear and as I drove home I decided to stop at Walmart. Walmart is known for its low prices on nearly everything. I wanted to know if that applied with electronics. Walmart is not a regular shopping destination for my family, so it had been a while since I last visited. These stores are massive and I was quickly reminded that their goal is to push volume. I went to the back where the electronics are located and started the price comparison. At Fry’s I found a 6FT HDMI cable for $4. The lowest price at Walmart for a similar item was $12. The Blu-ray player was the same price. As I continued to walk around the electionics section I saw an eMachine computer, a brand I thought was long lost. Walmart is great for low prices, except for electronics. If you are in the Bay Area stick with Fry’s for your home electronics.

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Lawrence Stansberry studied film production at San Jose State University. He loves movies and enjoys studying technology. Outside of those interest, Lawrence likes to travel and eat great food made with a lot of love.