Welcome to WaysToWatch.com! Do you love watching movies? Our options for viewing movies are rapidly increasing. Decades ago, if you wanted to watch a movie at home you had one option, the video cassette. It was simple, everyone had a VCR (sorry Betamax), the only choice was choosing from which store to rent. You could only alter your movie watching experience with a larger television or louder audio system. Portable movie watching was not even a thought. Now, more than ever before, is the coolest time for movie lovers because we have so many ways to buy and experience great movies. We can watch at home and on-the-go across numerous devices. There are numerous places and sources from which to buy. Instead of driving to the store you you can now purchase a movie from home and within a few minutes press play. With mobile devices and wireless tech you can purchase a movie from almost anywhere. This increased accessibility and ease of consumption saves time and can be a great experience, but how do you decide from which online store to buy? There are several from which to choose. And buying a movie can now lock you into an eco-system of devices and software. Depending on your perspective, you can enjoy the easing simplicity of a single eco-system or feel completely trapped and locked down. The possibilities of the digital consumer experience offers instant gratification, but can also be extremely annoying when trying to determine which digital option to choose.

Are you someone who considers the auditory experience as important as the visual experience? Do you primarily buy films to anesthetize your children with iPads and smartphones? Do you like iTunes, but want to watch your movies on your Android phone? WaysToWatch.com will wade through the numerous options and help determine the best choice for you.