Jurassic World Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set Unboxing

Jurassic World Limited Edition Blu-ray Unboxing

Jurassic_World_Unboxing_520x300This is the Ways To watch.com unboxing of the Jurassic World Limited Edition 3D Blu-ray Gift set. This is an enjoyable movie, it brought me back to when I saw the first movie as a kid. I knew would be a big movie, but I did not think it will be the biggest movie of the summer. Here is the Ultra Violet and iTunes sticker. Here is the Jurassic World Logo Limited Edition Blu-ray 3D Gift Set. It has Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and a Digital HD and the obvious 2 Collectible Dinosaurs. It shows everything that comes in the set. A scene from the movie. And suggest that the dinosaurs can be used as book ends. Blu-ray Exclusives and additional Features and more screen shots.

Jurassic World iTunes and Ultraviolet

And I appreciate that you can get both Ultra Violet and iTunes for this digital copy. This great because your digital copy won’t be limited to one platform. On the back their is a scary close up of the Indominus Rex. The rest of the box is all black. Getting it out of the box requires a bit of care. The first thing out of the box is the disc case and the certificate of authenticity. The case feels really solid. The Indominus Rex and T. Rex have some weight. I guess that they need to have weight if they are going to be used as book ends. Now let’s take a look at the blu-ray case. It has the Jurassic World logo. The backing reiterates what comes with this disc set. I don’t know if you can see this, but this can fold out to act as a stand. Here is the digital copy info with more promotional material. Now the case here is metal. It’s a nice touch. It looks like each disc has its own sleeve. With the Indominus getting ready to have a snack. here is the 3d disc. The blu-ray sleeve has Chris Pratt with the pack of velociraptors. here is the blu-ray disc. It has the same backing on the sleeve. And lastly the DVD. It has the opening shot of the Indominus Rex hatching. The DVD has a red covering. The tin case is a nice touch. The Jurassic world logo is embossed. Now to the main event. Here we have Indominus Rex and the T. Rex. The skin has a good level of detail. Look at this detail in the skin and eyes. These are good models. You can put them into interesting poses. Here is a close up of the back of the Indominus. On the base they both have a JW imprint. This has been the WaysToWatch.com unboxing of the Jurassic World Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set.