Monsters University Walmart Exclusive Blu-ray Combo Gift Set Unboxing



This is the unboxing of the Walmart exclusive of Monsters University Blu-ray Gift set. When you are finished watching the unboxing video check out our Monsters University buyer’s guide.

Walmart exclusive of Monsters University Blu-ray Gift set contains:

  • 2 Blu-ray disc
  • DVD

Monsters University Blu-ray disc set contains the following extras:

  • Blue Umbrella : Pixar’s latest gorgeously animated short film, Blue Umbrella, is a sweet but somewhat familiar story of anthropomorphic love, this time between blue and red umbrellas on a crowded, rainy street.
  • Audio Commentary : Director/co-writer Dan Scanlon, producer Kori Rae and story supervisor Kelsey Mann discuss Pixar’s first prequel, touching on the development of the story, creating younger versions of the first film’s beloved characters, the difficult choice to ignore a line in the original that suggested Mike and Sulley met in the fourth grade, voice casting and animation, the challenges of delivering a prequel, and more.
  • Campus Life : Scanlon and company host this day in the life video journal detailing the team’s day to day routines, from arrival to breakfast, creative meetings, animation dailies, voice recording sessions and beyond.
  • Story School (Disc 2, HD, 9 minutes): A look at the craftsmanship and storytelling of the writers and story artists, featuring concept art, pre-visualizations, storyboards and other steps in the development of key scenes.
  • Scare Games (Disc 2, HD, 5 minutes): “Pixar takes its fun very seriously!” Collaboration, unity and teamwork, courtesy of competition and gamemanship thrown in for good measure, all inspired by the Scare Games.
  • Monthropology : Designing, diversifying, puppeting, animating and breathing life into the Monsters University students and faculty, using every trick, tool and technique at the Pixar team’s disposal.
  • Welcome to MU: Scanlon provides an overview of the prequel and its production, focusing on the university campus itself, from its front gate to its statues, architecture, grounds and history.
  • Music Appreciation: Scoring Monsters University at Sony Studios with Scanlon, music editor Bruno Coon and longtime Pixar collaborator and composer Randy Newman.
  • Scare Tactics: The art of the perfect MU scare, as learned, performed and utilized by the various animators tackling each expressive shot and scene.
  • Color and Light: A before-and-after look at the film at its every stage of production, each step incorporating increasingly dramatic color, light, shadow and depth.
  • Paths to Pixar: MU Edition: Scanlon introduces several team members, who share personal stories about the paths that brought them to Pixar and led to their current careers in animation.
  • Furry Monsters: A Technical Retrospective: Comparing the animation of 2001’s Monsters Inc. (using early computer-based hair simulation) and 2013’s furrier, hairier, scalier prequel.
  • Deleted Scenes: Four unfinished deleted scenes — “Rivalry” (an alternate version of Mike and Sulley’s meeting), “Recon,” “Movie Night” and “Drama Class” — with director’s intros.
  • Promo Picks: “Monsters Mashup,” “College Campaign” and “Theatrical Campaign” commercials, promos, teasers, trailers and tie-ins for Monsters University.
  • Set Flythroughs: Tour the Monsters University campus, the Scare School, Frat Row and the OK House in four gorgeous high definition fly-throughs.
  • Art Galleries: View a large collection of artwork divided into five categories: “Characters,” “Color Keys,” “Development Art,” “Environments” and “Graphics.”