Sony BDP-S3500 Review!!

Sony BDP-S3500 Review

Sony_BDP_S3500_yutbeThis is the Sony BDP-S3500 Blu-ray Player review. The BDP-S3500 is a simple, straight forward Blu-ray player with the ability to stream movies. It doesn’t play 3D Blu-ray disc nor does it upscale to 4K. The BDP-S3500 has an HDMI jack, a digital audio jack and an ethernet connection. And on the front there is one USB port. The USB port can be used for a thumb drive or a Playstation controller. The small and simple design of the BDP-S3500 will blend in with any audio visual layout. Once you get past the setup process, the User Interface of the BDP-S3500 is super easy to navigate. On your home screen you can add all of the common apps you use regularly.

Sony Blu-ray BDP-S3500 Remote

The remote is the cheapest part of this experience, but it gets the job done. The remote is made of plastic, is lightweight and will fit nicely in small hands.

Sony TV Side View App

Sony’s TV Side View App is a remote app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. While I used the app I had a few issues inputting text, but this app normally works really well.

Sony Blu-ray BDP-S3500 Performance

When I reviewed the BDP-S6500 it was clear that Sony blu-ray players do not play PS3 games well. So, skip this device when it comes to gaming. But when it comes to playing blu-ray disc, it loads blu-ray really fast. Every time I choose to watch a movie on Blu-ray versus streaming it, I am reminded of the much higher quality that comes with Blu-ray disc.

Sony BDP-S3500 Streaming Apps

With over 80 options, every major streaming service is available on the BDP-S3500, but while trying Netflix it felt slow and sluggish.

Overall, the Sony BDP-S3500 is really for the budget shopper. If you can afford to spend an extra $30, I suggest buying the faster, more feature rich Sony BDP-S6500. The faster performance alone is worth the money.

If you choose to buy the Sony BDP-S3500, it will serve the purpose of a consistent Blu-ray player.

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