Star Wars & Disney: Top Five Reasons Why It’s Great For Fans!

Yesterday’s announcement of Disney buying Lucasfilm caught many fans off guard, but it I think it will turn out well. Here are my top five reasons why I believe so.

1. Better Dialogue in the Star Wars movies

The Original Title of Episode 4

George Lucas is a visionary; he introduced a new standard of space science fiction to film. From special effects to incredible sound, Lucas has changed the movie watching experience for a generation. But even fans of the Star Wars movies will agree, minus legendary lines from Yoda, dialogue was not the highlight of the movies. Disney will bring in numerous writers to build on the story established by Lucas.

2. More Star Wars Movies

There was a massive 16 year gap between Star Wars: Episode 6 and Star Wars: Episode 1. And after the prequel trilogy, there were no plans on the horizon for another Star Wars related movie. With Disney buying Lucasfilm, those plans have changed. Disney has already announced plans to release Episode 7 in 2015, with additional plans to release Star Wars films every two to three years. This is great news for any fan of the films, even those who were not satisfied by Episodes 1-3.

3. A Star Wars Television Channel

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Disney owns numerous television networks: The Disney Channel, ESPN and ABC. The challenge with creating a network is content. The Star Wars Universe has over 30 years of movies (including the Ewok movies) , books, cartoons, video games and comics. Star Wars has an international fan base that spans generations. Disney could leverage all of the content to create a channel that discusses older content and promotes newer additions to the franchise. For instance, many fans may not know about the hundreds of Star Wars books.

4.Star Wars is in Safe Hands

When I first heard the news, my heart skipped. But I quickly thought of the track record Disney has demonstrated thus far. Purchased in 2006, Pixar continues to be a dominant brand in the animation industry. And we all know how Marvel is doing. With the release of The Avengers this past summer, Marvel, as a brand and as a production house, continues to provide relevant and engaging content for fans. The Avengers is arguably the best comic book movie ever produced. Disney has demonstrated that they can bring an established brand into the family without diluting themselves or the new addition.

5. A Star Wars Theme Park (speculative)

Disney World Florida

The Star Wars movie franchise is the second highest grossing movie franchise. The James Bond franchise is number one. If Harry Potter can have his own theme park, Luke and the crew should have their own too. Disney has mastered the theme park experience. The world over Disney dominates the theme park industry in terms of visitor experience and profit margin. Applying their expertise to the Star Wars franchise could make for an theme park unlike any other. The only challenge may be the amount of insurance they would need to carry for kids whacking each other with toy light sabers.

As a franchise, Star Wars will grow far beyond what George Lucas conceived over 30 years ago. Whether it is through film, television or print it will be around for a new generation to enjoy!

Do you like Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm? Do you think that it will be good for fans? Let us know by leaving your comment.

Contributions from: Ramone Tysinger & Jake Jepsen

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