Apple TV Review 2015

Apple TV Review

Apple TV Review 2015This is the Apple TV Review 2015 from It has been rumored for years that Apple was developing a product that would revolutionize how we experience television. And what I expected most was for this product to free me from cable companies. Does the new Apple TV live up to the years of built up expectation? In terms of design the Apple TV is simple and doesn’t distract. The remote looks and feels amazing. It is has six buttons a touch surface. With this remote Apple seems to have gotten more complex instead of sticking with its characteristic simplicity. You can call up Siri, adjust volume, and control games. Even though the touch surface is a main selling point. It did not do it for me. Sure it’s better, but not by much.

Apple TV Review Tech

Oddly the iphone remote app is not compatible with the new Apple TV. So, you have no convenient way to enter text. When it comes to performance the Apple TV has an A8 64-bit chip. Everything about the Apple TV is snappy and responsive. Games look amazing. This is the bet gaming performance you can get out side of the playstation and xbox. It lacks 4k support, but there still isn’t a lot of 4k content so at this point you probably won’t miss it much. The connections will have you covered with HDMI 1.4 and Ethernet. Siri can be a mixed experience on the iPhone. But when Siri has to only answer questions that pertain to movies and tv shows it performs consistently.

Apple TV Streaming Channels

Apple TV has most of the services you will want. Netflix, Hulu and, of course, iTunes are all here. A significant number of my digital movies are through VUDU, so it is disappointing to see that there is no VUDU app. It is odd that there are apps from VUDU and Amazon Video on the iPhone but not on the Apple TV. Even though the potential of TV-OS is promising, you still need to have a cable subscription to access the shows and movies you normally watch. Specifically, there is no way for you to watch NBC, Fox, ABC, ESPN or AMC for the Walking dead without a subscription. But say you choose to only go with apps that require a monthly subscription. Here is short list that most of us would consider. HBO Now ( for game of thrones) $14.99 , Showtime $11, CBS All Access $6, Netflix (house of cards) $8.99, and let’s add HULU for access to from FOX, NBC and ABC. That’ll cost $11.99. and through the league passes for the NBA($30/month) and MLB($19) that will cost you $101.99/month. If you can skip sports and premium channels and just go with HULU. $11.99 a month is not bad. Any benefits in cost evaporate once you try to add sports. What can I say, the User Interface is second to none. It looks absolutely amazing. It is new and fresh and the parallax posters are a nice touch. This easily beats any UI from the competition. Overall it is really easy to find what I want. For $149 streaming box, the Apple TV offers the best experience when compared to chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. When compared to cable companies, it was disappointing to realize that you don’t actually save much money. Its hard to gauge whether the Apple TV is a great product or if its just the best streaming box amongst a set of mediocre streaming boxes. But the Apple TV has far more potential when compared to the competition. When more apps are created specifically for the Apple TV, apps that are truly interactive, then we will get something that more closely resembles the revolutionary product we’ve been waiting for. This has been the review of the 2015 Apple TV. Be sure to subscribe to get the best Ways To Watch movies and tv at home. This is Lawrence for I’ll see you soon. You can re-watch this video at our Youtube channel!

VUDU Android App Review

VUDU has finally gone and released an app on the Android Play Store. It’s been available on the iPad for over a year now, so it’s nice to finally see them show the millions of Android tablet users some love. For now, the app will only show up on the Play Store for a few compatible tablets, but the list of devices should be growing soon. For this review, I side loaded the the apk I found online onto to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1. Here’s the run down…

VUDU is owned by Wal-Mart and allows you to rent and buy movies for viewing in up to 1080p. It’s also a place where you can view any movies you have on your Ultra-Violet account. For some reason, the big wigs over at the movie studios decided to allow only standard definition viewing through Ultra-Violet. But if you own a internet connected TV, Blu-Ray player, or another device with VUDU built in, you can enjoy your movies in full HD. Now with the Android app, you can take your movies with you where ever you go. The best feature, is the ability to download your movie directly to your device so no internet connection is needed. This is not a option for the iPad app(In your face iPad). Besides movies, the app is very well designed, easy to navigate, super smooth, and you can purchase a movie and begin watching in a few seconds.

Here is what I don’t like… Although you can download for offline viewing, you are limited to standard definition. Considering that almost all of the newest phones have HD screens, this doesnt make much sense. I don’t know if VUDU is responsible for this, but I’m assuming it’s more the guys born in the 50’s running the movie studios. So no HD downloads or streaming. HD viewing is still only available on non portable devices. Also, more devices need to be supported, but that should be an easy fix if they decide to.Prices are another thing to consider. I’ve found that Amazon tends to beat VUDU on pricing more often than not on the movie alone, but VUDU usually tends to give you extra featurettes and behind the scenes extras with your movie purchase. Overall, I think VUDU is a viable option for Android tablet owners.

The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), the last of the most recent Batman movie interpretation, is available on December 4th. Christopher Nolan has done an amazing job revisiting the most popular DC Comics movie character. Yes, I believe Batman beats Superman. The Dark Knight Rises was an amazing finish. Today in our review we will cover all the usual options Amazon Instant, Blu-ray, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.

Buy from Amazon Instant

The Dark Knight Rises on Amazon Instant

Amazon has to be joking. The Dark Knight Rises from Amazon Instant offers only the movie in stereo (maybe we should be grateful, it could come in mono). You will be able to watch it nearly everywhere except for Android phones and tablets. Here is the death knell, Amazon charges $19.99. Fail.

Buy TDKR on Blu-ray

The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray

All of the Blu-ray options out there are all iterations of the same Blu-ray/DVD Combo+UltraViolet Digital Copy. If you want to dive in and buy the trilogy, you will get a few nice extras, but would not be fair to the other options in the review today.
The Blu-ray Combo boast three hours of bonus features. You get the The Batmobile, an extra showing all five Batmobiles at once; Ending The Knight Nolan and his team commenting on the making of The Dark Knight and much more. Check the comparison list below. The price for this set at Amazon is $18.99. This option is hard to beat at that price.

Google Play

The Dark Knight Rises on Google Play

Will update once the option becomes available. They may think there is no reason to offer an early view if their offering of TDKR is like all other Google Play movies, nothing more than the film at the same price as the competition. Google needs this option to float Android as a media consumption platform. It does help, but when Apple, in both hardware and extras, continues to dominate Google Play, it makes it difficult to take it seriously as a media outlet. UPDATE: TDKR is only available for rent from Google Play. There is not an option to buy. Sorry Android fans.

TDKR on iTunes

The Dark Knight Rises on iTunes

The Dark Knight Rises is Director Christopher Nolan’s last film in his Batman Trilogy. Nolan’s films were definitely the best of the many renditions of Batman we’ve seen on film in my opinion (even with Bane’s horrible voice)…although lets face it, there wasn’t much competition out there. Remember The Governator playing Mr Freeze? Although this is the last we will see of Nolan’s Dark Knight, we are sure to see the Caped Crusader again in the reboot and possibly in The Justice League.
The Dark Knight Rises is available for preorder in HD on iTunes for $19.99. The download comes in 1080p and Dolby Digital 5.1.


The iTunes version lists 3 main special features:

  • Beneath Gotham: Christopher Nolan and production designers
    discuss the design and build of Bane’s lair.
  • Batman vs. Bane: How the cast and crew planned and filmed
    the fight sequence between Batman and Bane.
  • End of a Legend: Filmmakers give their final thoughts on
    working on the The Dark Knight Rises.

The 3 special features sound very intriguing and should give a good behind the scenes look at the film…..just don’t look at the list of special features that will come with the Blu-Ray version. As typical, the Blu-Ray versions of films offer much more special features than their digital download counterparts but the list of what is being offered for this film on Blu-Ray makes the iTunes list depressing.

TDKR on Vudu

The Dark Knight Rises on Vudu

Wow. Vudu is a serious contender. JR Sanchez, may have thought that iTunes had the silver medal in this review, but Vudu brings one extra more iTunes. Like Amazon Instant, Vudu can be accessed from everywhere (except Android devices). Vudu continues to improve upon its service. Pricing is not yet available, but it will most likely be inline with the other digital download options.


Price $18.99 $19.99 TBA TBA $19.99
Ways To Watch 2D Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy, Mac and PC, iPad and iPhone Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod or PC PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, Smart Blu-ray players, Smart TV’s, iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC, Roku Android tablets and   phones, Google TV, Mac and PC PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, Smart Blu-ray players, Smart TV’s, iPad,Kindle Fire (HD), Roku, Mac and PC
Max Resolution On TV 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Digital Copy Max Resolution 853 x 478 1080p Standard Definition for mobile devices 1080p 1080p
Audio 5.1 DTS-HD Dolby Digital 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Stereo Stereo



Special Features BR iTUNES VUDU GP AI
Second Screen Experience Yes Yes Yes (audio sych) Yes (audio sych) Yes (audio sych)
The Prologue: High-Altitude, Hijacking Yes No No No No
Return to the Batcave Yes No No No No
Beneath Gotham Yes Yes Yes No No
The Bat Yes No No No No
Batman vs. Bane Yes Yes Yes No No
Armory Accepted Yes No No No No
Gameday Destruction Yes No No No No
Demolishing a City Street Yes No No No No
The Pit Yes No No No No
The Chant Yes No No No No
The War on Wall Street Yes No No No No
Race to the Reactor Yes No No No No
The Journey of Bruce Wayne Yes No No No No
Bane and Selina Kyle Yes No No No No
Shadows and Light in Large Format Yes No No No No
The End of a Legend Yes Yes Yes No No
The Batmobile Yes No Yes No No
Trailer Archive Yes No No No No


Wrap Up of The Dark Knight Rises

Did you see the chart above? There is no contest. It is as Warner Brothers prefers for us to buy the Blu-ray set instead of downloading it digitally. The Blu-ray set has the most for the cheapest price. Nuff said.

Written by: Lawrence Stansberry and JR Sanchez

VUDU Now Streaming in High Definition To Your Computer

VUDU is now offering you the option to stream your movies in high definition to your desktop or laptop. Before, you were limited to streaming only in standard definition. VUDU has been a good option for movie purchases if you have an internet connected TV or other device with a VUDU app. However, if you had your heart set on enjoying your movie in HD on the road, you would not be such a happy customer. Also, your computer needs to have an HDCP compliant output if you want to watch on an external monitor, which apparently, leaves  out a lot of Apple products (you can still watch on the built in screen). Also, there is still no mention of them bringing you an HD option for your iPad. You are also going to be stuck with stereo sound only. Just for the sake of trying, I tried to stream The Avengers to my Android phone on the Chrome browser, but it didn’t work. Not all movies are available in HD, but if you own any, go check it out now.

The iPad Mini Review: The Best Small Tablet for Watching Movies, Top Five Reasons

Read the article or watch the video.

For many years people have accused Apple of being closed and limiting their customer’s options. Even though I am a Mac user, I often agreed with this assessment. But when it comes to movies on the iPad Mini this is actually not true.

Here are my top five reasons why the iPad Mini is the best small tablet for movie lovers.

The iPad Mini has the Most Video Options

Of all small tablet options, including tablets from Amazon, Samsung and Google, the iPad Mini actually can access the most video. Amazon only allows its Kindle tablets to buy from Amazon Instant Video.  And Google and Samsung can only buy movies from Google Play. The iPad Mini can use purchased movies from Amazon Instant, Vudu, and, of course, the iTunes store.

The iPad Mini has the Best Downloadable Movie Option, iTunes

When it comes to digital downloadable content the iPad Mini is the only small tablet that has access to extras, like director’s commentary and deleted scenes. This is true because it can get video from iTunes and Vudu the only digital download options that offer movie extras. Amazon Instant and Google Play do not offer any extras.

The iPad Mini has the Best Battery Life

The reviews are in, and they all agree, this device stands up to the test of time when it comes to watching movies. You get 12 hours of movie watching, 20 percent better than the closest competition.

The iPad Mini is the Best for Shooting and Editing Your Own Video

Shooting and editing your own video on this device is solid. With a 1080p camera and iMovie you are set the make you own family movie.


And the fifth reason why the iPad Mini is the best small tablet for watching movies is simply AirPlay. Any thing that you can play on the device will play on an Apple TV. It is simple and easy. Currently, Google and Amazon do not have anything that competes.

So, there are my top five reasons. Do you agree? Android users, do you want to push a contender? What do you think? Comment on our Youtube channel or below.

Google TV Finally Delivers Movies Directly to TV

Google has finally caught on to the obvious and brought movies and tv shows to the Play Store for Google TV. Yes, movies have been available on the Play Store for a while now, but not on Google TV. Better late than never. You now have the option to purchase a movie and play it on your TVand Android tablet or phone in HD (provided you have HD screen resolution). This is great news if your an Android user as previously, most other download options were limited to SD for portable devices from services such as Vudu, UltraViolet, and digital copies included with Blu-Rays. This may become one of the best options for your movie purchases if you’re one of the few who own a Google TV box. Google began rolling out the  availibilty October  8th, and will be available to all in the next few weeks.