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World War Z Blu-ray Buyer’s Guide

world-war-z-bg_featureWorld War Z is based on the book of the same title by Max Brooks. There were numerous doubts about whether this nearly $200 million movie would succeed. But after raking in over a half billion dollars worldwide there is now talk of a sequel. Fans of the movie have numerous options to choose from for home viewing. There are five options for World War Z on Blu-ray. All Blu-ray options include the following extras:

  • Unrated Director’s Cut
  • Origins
  • Looking to Science
  • Outbreak
  • The Journey Begins
  • Behind the Wall
  • Camouflage

There are two standard Blu-ray disc sets. The first is the regular Blu-ray disc set.

World War Z on Blu-ray

The slipcover features an armed Brad Pitt with red “Z” behind him. It includes two disc: a Blu-ray disc and a DVD. The Blu-ray has two cuts of the movie, the regular and the extended director’s cut. The set also includes a digital copy that can be redeemed with both UltraViolet and iTunes. The movie has 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. This World War Z disc set is currently available for pre-order from Amazon.com for $19.99

World War Z on Blu-ray 3D

The second Blu-ray disc set for World War Z is the 3D set. It includes a total of 3 disc: Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD. Other than the 3D Blu-ray disc there is one more difference this set has over the regular set. The slipcover is a silhouette from a scene in the movie. It shows zombies climbing on each other to reach an overrun helicopter. World War Z on Blu-ray 3D is priced at $24.99 at Amazon.com.

The following Blu-ray disc sets are exclusives from retailers: Walmart, Best Buy and Target.

World War Z Walmart Exclusive

World War Z Walmart has the exclusive featuring over one hour of bonus content. Target exclusives usually provide the bonus content. The slipcover is the same as the 3D disc set, but with a section of the bottom informing you that there is over 1 hour of bonus content. I wonder if the 1 hour is worth an extra five bucks, because that is the difference in price. The Walmart Exclusive of World War Z can be pre-ordered for $29.96 from their website. The 2D version with the bonus content can be pre-ordered for $19.98.

World War Z Target Exclusive

Now the World War Z Target Exclusive comes in two options, the Blu-ray 3D set or the standard. The cover has Brad Pitt walking with a big “Z” behind him. The difference from the Walmart slipcover is that the rest of the background is black. Both sets come with a collectable book. The standard Blu-ray set exclusive is priced at $27.99 and the Blu-ray 3D is priced at $34.99.

World War Z Best Buy Exclusive

The Best Buy exclusive of World War Z comes with a unique slipcover. It features the scene in the movie when a helicopter is brought down by leaping zombies (I can not recall a zombie movie that has zombies bringing down a helicopter). It will contain everything that comes with the basic Blu-ray disc set.

World War Z Steelbook Play.com Exclusive

For all of us who like Steelbooks, the World War Z Steelbook can be found at Play.com. Play.com is based in the UK. You will need to find a way to circumvent Play.com not shipping to the USA. It comes with all of the same disc as the World War Z Blu-ray 3D disc set. The disc are enclosed in a Steelbook case. This is a limited edition Steelbook. Each of the 5,000 copies will be laser etched, numbered copies. This looks like a great buy.

Wrap Up

I am bummed because the best option for buying the movie is limited to a overseas retailer. If you know someone in the UK you could have them buy it for you, but who wants to go through that much trouble for the movie? World War Z is the biggest movie of the zombie genre and the Blu-ray disc sets each, in their own way, will satisfy interested fans.


If you consider yourself a fan, even a lite fan, of the genre you should read the book by Max Brooks if you have not. I think I will read it again, because it will be a while before the sequel to the movie hits theaters.

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